Mini Sacrament Kit

  • Have you ever felt just a little bit conspicuous or uncomfortable as you carried large sacrament trays down the street or through a parking lot into a hospital or nursing home as you went about your assignment to take the sacrament to someone who is ill or unable to attend meetings regularly?
  • Have you had the experience of searching for a plastic bag or some kind of container to carry a piece of bread and a few cups?
  • Have you made do with a glass and saucer from the cupboard?
  • Have you wished that you had a clean white cloth to cover a table and the sacrament as well?
  • Have you been in isolated circumstances as a member of the military when you felt a desire to partake of the sacrament?
  • Have you, as a missionary, been asked to serve the sacrament to people in a remote location?

Thousands of priesthood holders around the world have experienced first-hand how The Traveler mini sacrament kit has brought an additional spirit of respect and reverence to the authorized administration of the sacrament in a wide range of circumstances.


The Traveler Mini Sacrament Kit

The idea for the creation of a portable sacrament kit first occurred to Daren Allison about 40 years ago, when, as a deacon in the aaronic priesthood, he was given an assignment to take the sacrament to some members of the LDS church who were in the hospital.  In 1997, he decided to do something about it, and created the first mini sacrament kit in his garage.  Many thousands are now in use around the world.


Lightweight, small, and portable in a water repellent cordura case, The Traveler fits in a LDS missionary backpack, attaché case, desk drawer, under the seat or glove box of a car, military pack, etc. This mini sacrament kit contains a bread tray, water tray, 2 white cotton clothes, a container for plastic or paper sacrament cups, a container for bread, and a sacrament prayer card in a water repellant black Cordura zippered bag measuring approximately 5″ x 5″ x 2 1/2″.

What a great gift for a young missionary, military man and all priesthood holders.



A retired Marine recently ordered one for his missionary grandson and for himself stating how great it would have been to have one when he was on active duty.

“They fit in your pocket and go anywhere. Every soldier and marine could use one of these.” Bill Breck,Utah

Our Bishop has purchased 5 mini sacrament kits for our ward in California…..

The usefulness of this kit is as large as your imagination.

A Navy Chaplain has carried his kit with him to many parts of the world including the first Gulf war, then to Afghanistan and now has it in his desk as Chaplain of the VA Hospital in SLC.

An Army trauma surgeon carries his mini sacrament kit with him wherever he is assigned… Ohio

My Bishop sends the priesthood out almost every Sunday with a sacrament kit to serve shutins and members in Nursing facilities….. California

I have been confined to my home for several years haven’t had the sacrament in all that time until my sister sent me a mini sacrament kit and told me to ask my Home Teachers if they would use it to give me the Sacrament. What a blessing it has been in my life… California

“Every LDS Bishop should have a Mini Sacrament Kit in his desk drawer.” Utah

“The greatest idea in LDS merchandise since the oil vial.” Idaho

“All LDS Missionaries should have a Mini Sacrament Kit in his backpack, especially those in rural areas.” California

“What a great gift idea for men.”

“We’ve needed something like this for years – many blessings will come through your kit.”

“I’ll take 15 Mini Sacrament Kits if I can have them before Christmas.” New Hampshire

“You have no idea the extent of the blessings for member of the Mormon Church through this sacrament kit.” Las Vegas

“Every Aaronic Priesthood Leader should have one.” Utah

“Home teachers should have one of The Traveler (Mini Sacrament Kits).” Utah

“I prefer to use a baggy for bread as it fits perfectly into the case – then I use both plastic containers for sacrament cups.” Washington

“I need 2 of the Mini Sacrament Kits to send to Russia as gifts to LDS Missionary friends.” Idaho